Welcome to Chobham Hair Studio

What makes us tick? Who We Are

Chobham Hair Studio is a driven and diverse salon that integrates wonderful experiences with unrivalled cuts, treatments, and service.

As part of the exclusive Aveda Family, our unique identity and superb skillset is fully supported by Aveda. And we are super proud to be Aveda, and support the Aveda lifestyle.

Join us for a lovely day of personal indulgence in our unique 300-year-old building that accentuates the distinct salon ambiance that greets you when stepping through the doors of Spire House

The modernity of the interior provides a refreshing contrast and perfectly matches the calming relaxation we love to promote as part of your experience. Now, having a nice time is only part of the deal! Beyond having a soothing day, we’ll also treat you to a special cut, treatment, and / or manicure treatment. Our committed, experienced, and creative staff fulfill a wide range of service.

This includes:

Colouring, styling, re-texturising, wash & blow dry, Avedacolour, hair up / occasion hair for those special days, and various other manicure services.

However, we’d love to personally talk through your individual needs.

Give us a call and let’s chat about your next Chobham Hair Studio experience!

We all love to treat ourselves now and again.

Our priority is to treat you!